I have been photographing everything from nature, to portraits, to sports, to architecture, to photojournalism since elementary school, starting with my pocket 110 camera, moving on to 35mm film in high school. With over 4 decades of photography experience, I bring a wide variety of skills and expertise to each shoot. My background centers around a passion for photography that began for me as a child.

My latest passion has been shooting HDR panoramic photographs and finding great ways to display them. They look beautiful on the web with viewer interaction, and look great in wide framed prints. Keep an eye out for more soon.

I also work in real estate, photographing and creating virtual tours of homes and commercial businesses. You can get more information at A-Perspective Virtual Tours.

Professionally, I am a member of:
Professional Photographers of America
Photographic Society of America

You'll see in most of my photographs that my creativity, keen visual sense of space, ability to perceive unusual views of ordinary settings, and attention to small details enables me to artistically enhance the grace and essence of each subject and setting, capturing memories and moments in time.

For more information, contact me using information on the "Contact" page.

Welcome to Scott Blanchette Photography!